Teacher Development Programme (TDP) 

COUNT’s Teacher Development Programme offers mathematics content and pedagogy training to Grade 1-7 mathematics teachers. Teacher development can be implemented as a programme or a project depending on the funding structure. The project element consists of a structured South African Council of Educators (SACE) endorsed training program without on-site further support whereas, the programme element of teacher development is accompanied by school-based support and mentorship. COUNT wants to implement the programmatic Teacher Development model in order to be able to follow through with support post training and also assess impact. The main objective of Teacher Development is to improve the ‘instructional core’ in Grade 1-7 maths classrooms in order to address and improve learner performance in mathematics thereby, raising the quality of maths education in project schools. This includes: Actual interactions between teachers, learners, parents Content delivery in the classrooms.

TDP resources:

Module One

Working with numbers