A winning nation is a numerate nation

Changing the future one

generation at a time

A winning nation is a numerate nation

Changing the future one generation at a time


COUNT provides fun, innovative and creative workshops to Teachers and Learners. We incorporate the South African educational curriculum in our programmes, while creating additional activities to supplement learning. 

We support under resourced schools, in remote locations to reach their full potential academically. Our organization has five programmes that cater to all primary education curriculum needs.

Hey Dad! is an app especially created for busy dads. Here you will find short, fun and affordable activities to do with your child. The Hey Dad! activities are designed to not only entertain your child but teach them important maths, science and literacy skills at the same time. 



Established in 1989, COUNT is a registered NPO and PBO with more than 30 years of experience in mathematics education. Our focus is on introducing alternative, innovative and fun ways of maths education in under resourced schools and communities. We also set out to demystify maths and increase parental involvement in the teaching and learning of maths.

We do this through our Family Maths Programme (FMP), Maths Teacher Development Programme (TDP) and Family Maths, Science and Literacy (FMSL).

As an independent service provider, we take on the maths development challenge by constantly re-evaluating our programmes and approaches in order to find practical, achievable, and imaginative solutions that meet the needs of current times.

Our Programmes:

Family Maths Programme

Family Maths Science & Literacy

Teacher Development Programme

Learner Support Programme

Material Development Programme






Head Office

368 Oak Avenue,

Ferndale, Randburg,
Johannesburg, Gauteng.