Established in 1989, COUNT is a registered NPO and PBO with more than 30 years of experience in mathematics education. Our focus is on introducing alternative, innovative and fun ways of maths education in under-resourced schools and communities.

We also set out to demystify maths and increase parental involvement in the teaching and learning of maths. We do this through our Family Maths Programme (FMP), Maths Teacher Development Programme (TDP), and Family Maths, Science and Literacy (FMSL).


Like most Non-Government Organizations, the Cooperative Organization for the Upgrading of Numeracy Training, now simply known as COUNT, was established in 1989 in response to a crisis in mathematics education in primary schools in Uitenhage, Kwanobuhle, Eastern Cape. This establishment was supported financially by the Volkswagen Foundation. The founding members were Mr Gawe and Ms. Penny Smith.

For the first few years all work undertaken by the organisation was carried out in schools in this region and the Eastern Cape Province exclusively.

Vision & Mission


Be experts in mathematics education and development in Africa, through innovative mathematical education approaches for learners, parents and for teacher development. We strive to build a South Africa where all learners learn maths with understanding and pass maths with at least 50%.


• Develop Primary School Mathematics teachers’ understanding and undertaking of transformative classroom practices.

• Engage in academic maths programmes in partnership with academic institutions.

• Train facilitators to implement educational transformation, create and sustain partnerships with government, businesses and like-minded NGO’s.

• Engage and build participation of all parents and caregivers in the mathematics learning process with the assistance of our family maths programmes.


Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy Vula Bula Maths Programme Grade 1 ( isiXhosa) Between 2014 and 2015, COUNT developed a parallel Grade 1 Maths course in isiXhosa to link with the popular Vula Bula Readers developed by the Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy, with a grant made available from the Anglo-American Chairman’s Fund. The materials were extensively trialed in the Engcobo District in the Eastern Cape in 2015.

We are together reviewing how to take these forward, by translating the materials into other languages, re-packaging the activities as worksheets that will be available on both partner’s websites and via cell phone or tablets. Our longer term aim is to develop maths materials right through from Grades 1-3, that support and link with the Vula Bula Reading Programme, being completed by Molteno.






Head Office

368 Oak Avenue,

Ferndale, Randburg,
Johannesburg, Gauteng.